Jan 2015 26

You probably don’t believe that this super hot MILF isn’t a model or hasn’t done any adult videos before, but it’s true. She’s truly gorgeous, isn’t she? And MomPOV is the fist site she has ever done a video for. She could easily be a magazine model or better, but this petite little mature hottie is just your average mom next door. This babe isn’t just beautiful, she’s cool as hell too. She was one of the most down ass girls we’ve ever had on here. She was just completely ready to go out of the gate and seemed to love getting fucked. That’s great, because I loved fucking her. She was just so hot it was hard to keep from blowing my load early. I didn’t though and I hope you guys enjoy this unbelievable MILF because there are hundreds more like her inside the MomPOV site!MomPov

Jan 2015 06

We are lucky enough to be able to bring you this sexy 45 year old MILF today. She has big tits and a nice round ass that looks amazing while she gets fucked from behind. This woman was so relaxed and laid back about everything, which is just what we like to see. She had a good time and was there for hot sex, which we gladly gave her. This was the first time she’d ever done any kind of porn, so she was a little nervous, but you can hardly tell. She sucked our dicks like a pro. She may have never done porn before but she obviously had experience fucking! This hot little MILF even did anal, which is just hotter than hell.She gets TWO big facials, one from each of us, and was just really fun to shoot. Come check her out at MomPOV!mompov

Dec 2014 23

Take a look at this red hot mom we found for you guys. She looks absolutely stunning and completely ravishing in every way. This high class beauty has never been in a porn in her life and is 100% amateur. Even so, she was excited and ready to get started immediately. I think the whole idea of this turned her on a lot. She’s a very sexual person and talked a lot about how much she liked to fuck. She said she liked having sex every day, in fact. I’m glad this little hottie dropped by because she is one of the hottest women we’ve ever seen anywhere, let alone on MomPOV! Come and see her take a big load of cum all over her pretty face!mompov_update19

Dec 2014 18

It was time we shot a Latina MILF and we think we knocked it out of the park with this one! This beautiful 36 year old woman has never shot a porn video before in her life but decided to come down and shoot one with us. I feel very lucky because this hottie was so fuck to fuck once she got over her nerves. She has big, bouncy titties and a tight ass that just wouldn’t quit. I couldn’t even wait to fuck her, so as soon as she got her top off and showed me that ass I had her suck my cock. Before too long, and after exploring plenty of positions with her, she let me blow my load into her tight shaved pussy! She says she wants to come back to get tag teamed. What do you guys think?

Dec 2014 15

This blonde MILF was something else. She’s a southern belle who is a good mom most of the time, but she had some fucking to get out of her system. She had perfectly round, big, beautiful tits. The kid you just want to hold onto because they are so ripe. This little minx let me fuck her in the ass during this shoot and she loved it! She definitely had an orgasm and really seemed to have a great time, which everyone loves to see. She made a 55 minute video with me. You should head over to MomPOV to see it.

Dec 2014 12

This horny 47 year old MILF is truly a cougar and one of the easiest moms we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with at MomPOV. She loves fucking and, specifically, she loves fucking younger guys. Lucky us! After a little playful banter we get right down to business. It didn’t feel at all like it was a porn shoot. This woman is HOT for cock and just goes all out when she fucks. I loved every minute of this particular session and I believe she did too. I love these moms that are professional business women by day but by night become lusty, horny ladies that simply love to have sex for the pleasure of it. Head over to MomPOV to see the full thing!
MomPOV Update

Dec 2014 09

This 43 year old stay at home mom seemed like she wasn’t too into this at first. Turns out her husband put her up to this so she could get laid while he’s out traveling for work. He’s probably out getting laid too, so she figured what the hell. I’ll go and fuck two younger guys and take that cock while I can. Well once this lovely MILF’s clothes came off she was all about it. She fucked like a pro and came HARD while I was fucking her. After I blew my load in her mouth it was Nick’s turn. She swallowed two big loads that day and had two orgasms. This mom loves sex!
MomPOV Update

Dec 2014 06

You guys all like MILFs with big natural tits, right? How about a sultry European accent to go with it and a beautiful, round ass? Well, here we have all of that and more for you. This gorgeous mature blonde is doing her first porn EVER right here for MomPOV. This might be her first time shooting a sex scene on film but this girl is no stranger to hot sex. She told us that she likes to put ads on Craigslist and go have no strings attached sex with random dudes in hotel rooms. This is one raunchy woman! She is especially into younger guys. This babe was a real treat for me to fuck and I hope you like watching me bang the shit out of her juicy, lubed up pussy. This lovely lady even got her first facial EVER at the end of this video, so definitely check that out. This one’s hot as hell!

Dec 2014 05

What we have here today is a 41 year old MILF  hottie that works as a sexy webcam model. We talked for months about the possibility of her coming and doing a shoot with me but I was getting the cold shoulder. She finally decided to come and have sex with me on camera and I was psyched. I loved talking to her on her webcam and having cam sex with her so I knew it was going to be a blast fucking her. Not only does she have the personality of a 23 year old but she also looks fantastic for her age. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on those big bouncy tits and to stick my dick between her nice round ass cheeks. This girl is totally a MomPov caliber MILF! Stay tuned because I am going to see if she will come back to do an anal scene with me!

Jul 2013 05

This sexy 49 year old MILF just can’t get enough cock.She has such a nice smile and looks so sweet, but this mom is NASTY! She jumped at the chance to take two big dicks, so who were we not to oblige? I think she bit off more than she could chew though because she was screaming throughout the session. She loved every minute of it, but she was just not quite ready for the intense fucking we gave her. She definitely had a few orgasms and she even called back later wanting to do another shoot. I think she might have a future in MILF porn, what do you guys think?

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